Sustainable Tourism
The course starts in May 2022.
This is a basic course, which includes 6 hours
of video content, reading, quizzes and additional materials.
About the course
We have developed this course for those, who are interested in the topic of sustainable tourism but who don't fully understand what exactly this concept means and how it is implemented in practice.

In just a month, you will learn the basic principles of sustainable tourism, as well as get acquainted with the best practices for implementing sustainability principles by tour operators, hotels and tourist destinations around the world.

If you want to upgrade your knowledge but you have little time to study, this is the course for you!
This course is for you if
You work in the tourism industry and want to improve your skills by studying global trends and best practices in the field of sustainability.
You study tourism and hospitality and want to gain new skills and competencies in order to be more competitive in the labor market.
You are a sustainability expert and now want to understand the principles of sustainability in the tourism industry.
You are still at school, you are interested in travel and sustainable development, and you are thinking about which faculty to enter.
    You have nothing to do with the field of tourism or sustainable development but this topic interests you, and you want to understand whether it is worth exploring it more in the future.
    Course curriculum
    You can join at any time and study at your own pace!
    Duration: 6 hours
    (released along 5 weeks/ one theme weekly)
    Video tutorials for self-paced learning,
    useful materials for additional study and quizzes.
    WEEK 0
    Introduction to the course. Get to know the author and the course programme. Also, test your knowledge of sustainable tourism with a mini quiz!
    WEEK 1
    Introduction to sustainable tourism. Learn the official definition of sustainable tourism, as well as other similar terms and concepts. Find out how sustainable tourism relates to the Sustainable Development Goals.
    WEEK 2
    Tourism and the environment. Explore the relationship between tourism and the environment. Understand how tourism relates to biodiversity, climate change, pollution. Get to know best practices: what hotels, tour operators and destinations do to protect the environment.
    WEEK 3
    Tourism and the economy. Understand the positive and negative impacts of tourism on the local economies, including job creation, infrastructure development, but also rising prices, seasonality and leakage effect. Learn best practices: what hotels, tour operators and tourist destinations do for the economic development of the territories.
    WEEK 4
    Tourism, people and cultures. Understand how tourism helps preserve and promote cultural tangible and intangible heritage. Explore some of the best practices: what hotels, tour operators and destinations do to improve people's well-being and preserve traditions.
    WEEK 5
    Sustainable tourism management. Get to know the basic tools for sustainability management: from creating a sustainable tourism strategy, policy and action plan, to setting goals, monitoring, communication and reporting sustainability to stakeholders. Get to know the best practices: how hotels, tour operators and destinations manage sustainability.
    Sustainable tourism and COVID-19. Understand how the pandemic is affecting tourism and why sustainability is now more important than ever. See examples of regenerative tourism in practice.
    At the end of the course you will receive
    Certificate of completion of the "Sustainable tourism crash course"
    All course materials are available for personal use for a minimum of 6 months
    5 handy checklists and other useful materials for additional study
    About the course author
    Anula Galewska
    Author and trainer
    Anula Galewska is an entrepreneur and sustainable tourism consultant.

    For over 10 years, she has worked with destinations, hotels and tour operators in over 80 countries to help them improve their marketing and sustainability performance. More than 900 people have taken part in her courses and seminars.

    Anula holds an MA in Sociology and Sustainable Tourism Management from Leeds Beckett University (UK). She is a frequent speaker at international travel events and conferences, including ITB Berlin, WTM London, Arival Event, Web in Travel and more.

    Anula is from Poland, she lived in Germany and Spain for a long time, and recently she lives in Moscow, which she loves very much :).

    Her motto is "It's your world. Change it or someone else will." (Gary Lew)
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