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About the program
We offer a 3-month personalized coaching program for tour operators and excursion providers that are willing to get certified with an internationally recognized sustainable tourism certification*.
Our program is a combination of online training and consulting, and provides you with everything you need to cut costs, improve your tour company's sustainability performance, and gain international credentials with a minimum effort. Tour operators, which take part in our program receive certification 4 times quicker than those, who prepare everything on their own. If you want to get eco-certified but you don't like wasting time, this program is for you!
What's included in the program?
Introduction to sustainability in tour operations
Learn the basic principles of sustainable tourism and what exactly is expected from your tour company.
Evaluate your tour business against 100+ criteria you need to comply with in order to get certified. Criteria are related to the environment, people, culture, and sustainability management. Identify your strengths and areas to work on.
Environmental management
Learn how to minimize the consumption of water and energy, and start tracking your hotel's carbon footprint. Monitor your waste and cut the amount of single-use plastic and food waste.
People and culture
Learn how to do more good for your employees and the community around you. Engage your staff, guests, and suppliers in sustainability initiatives. Contribute to the preservation of local cultural heritage and traditions in the communities you visit.
Sustainability management
Write a sustainability policy and integrate it into your tour company's strategy. Set ambitious yet realistic environmental and people-related goals, and be clear on how to achieve them. Work on a smart reporting scheme to share your progress with stakeholders. Sounds difficult? We've got all the templates to make the formalities easy!
Marketing and sales
Learn how to sell sustainability right, by creating a greener offer and communicating it a language, which your customer understands. Attract attention of media and corporate clients. Improve ranking on popular marketplaces by adding your sustainability credentials.
Personalised advise
Along the way, you will be working with your personal coach, who will answer all your questions and concerns related to the certification criteria and will help you prepare for the audit, to make sure you get certified in one go with no trouble.

*What certification?
There are a few well-recognised sustainability certification programs for tour operators, including Travelife, TourCert and Earth Check. They slightly differ in pricing, recognition, and membership benefits. However, the list of criteria remains pretty much the same regardless of the certification program, simply because they all follow the international sustainability standards for hospitality, as listed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

It is up to you which certification program to apply for. If you are not sure which one is right for you - we will answer all your questions to help you choose.
To make it clear - we are not a certification body but we help you get certified with a program of your choice.
How sustainable is your tour business?
Take this quick test and find out how sustainable is your hotel, according to the international sustainability standards!
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We've trained and consulted over 500 tour operators and excursion providers from around the world.
Not ready for a certification? Start with a course!
We offer sustainability training for tour operators, willing to improve their sustainability performance and marketing. All courses are available as in-house workshops or online webinars. In addition to our featured programs, we can develop a custom training for you and your team. All trainings are aligned with Global Sustainable Tourism Council's Criteria for Tour Operators.
Sustainable tourism
crash course
A quick win for the beginners.
This course is designed for tourism and hospitality businesses, which are willing to learn the foundations of sustainable tourism and implement the minimum sustainability standards in the quickest and simplest way. If you want to become a responsible company but don't have much time to learn, research and make mistakes - this is your shortcut!
Managing sustainability
in a tour business
A deep dive for sustainability managers.
This is an in-depth course that combines sustainable tourism standards and practices with the principles of creating shared value and purpose-led business.This course will help you integrate sustainability into your company's daily operations, engage your team and guides, your supply chain,
and use all for marketing and sales.
Develop sustainable tourism products that sell
Tours in a spotlight.
Tours lie at the core of a tour operator's business. This course covers everything related to product development from creating the itinerary, selecting suppliers to marketing and selling your product. It will help you create 5-star experiences, all aligned with sustainable tourism standards, inspired by the industry's best practices.
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